List of publications our team members are involved in.


  1. Research Article
    Assessment of the spatiotemporal prediction capabilities of machine learning algorithms on Sea Surface Temperature data: A comprehensive study
    Serkan Kartal
    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2023
  2. Research Article
    A decision tree-based measure-correlate-predict approach for peak wind gust estimation from a global reanalysis dataset
    S. Kartal, S. Basu, and S. J. Watson
    Wind Energy Science Discussions, 2023
  3. Research Article
    Region contrastive camera localization
    Mehmet Sarıgül, and Levent Karacan
    Pattern Recognition Letters, 2023
  4. Research Article
    A survey on digital video stabilization
    Mehmet Sarıgül
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, Apr 2023


  1. Research Article
    Prediction of MODIS land surface temperature using new hybrid models based on spatial interpolation techniques and deep learning models
    Serkan Kartal, and Aliihsan Sekertekin
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Sep 2022
  2. Research Article
    Decoupled Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems
    Baris Ata, and Ramazan Coban
    Control Engineering and Applied Informatics, Sep 2022


  1. Research Article
    Comparison of semantic segmentation algorithms for the estimation of botanical composition of clover-grass pastures from RGB images
    Serkan Kartal
    Ecological Informatics, Sep 2021
  2. Research Article
    Machine Learning-Based Plant Detection Algorithms to Automate Counting Tasks Using 3D Canopy Scans
    Serkan Kartal, Sunita Choudhary, Jan Masner, and 5 more authors
    Sensors, Sep 2021


  1. Research Article
    Position resolution study at high energies of a sampling electromagnetic calorimeter whose active material is a scintillator with Peroxide-cured polysiloxane base
    Güral Aydın, Mehmet Sarıgül, and Hasan Sarıgül
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Sep 2020
  2. Research Article
    Segmentation of Bean-Plants Using Clustering Algorithms
    Serkan Kartal,  Sunita Choudhary, Michal Stočes, and 5 more authors
    Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics, Sep 2020
  3. Research Article
    Deep Convolutional Generalized Classifier Neural Network
    Mehmet Sarigul, B. Melis Ozyildirim, and Mutlu Avci
    Neural Processing Letters, Mar 2020


  1. Research Article
    Differential convolutional neural network
    M. Sarıgül, B.M. Ozyildirim, and M. Avci
    Neural Networks, Mar 2019
  2. Research Article
    Decoupled Backstepping Sliding Mode Control of Underactuated Systems with Uncertainty: Experimental Results
    Baris Ata, and Ramazan Coban
    Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Mar 2019


  1. Research Article
    Estimation of daily global solar radiation using deep learning model
    Kazım Kaba, Mehmet Sarıgül, Mutlu Avcı, and 1 more author
    Energy, Mar 2018